Garden Clock

By Pauline Keegan

My tomato plants have beautiful and lush foliage but no blossoms. What am I doing wrong?

An excess of nitrogen fertilizer will cause plants to put all of their energy into developing green foliage at the expense of blossoms. It would be best to have your soil tested in order to better fit the fertilizer needs to your specific area. In the meantime, use a balanced fertilizer with a low amount of nitrogen such as 1-2-2. 


What is the difference between determinant and indeterminate tomato plants?

The difference between tomato plants is that determinant plants form flowers and fruit early and then go dormant when these plants finish their work. Indeterminate plants produce fruit and flowers until the end of the tomato season. If your tomato plants “quit early,” you bought the wrong kind.


I want to grow a tomato plant in a pot on my porch. Will a 10-inch pot be large enough ?

A 10-inch pot will be large enough if you are careful to water and fertilize when it is needed. Also, bright sun for 10 hours will help.    


Note: The spring rains are about finished. It’s time to take out the hose and watering can and water when and where it is needed.


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