Four Mill and New Convenience


By Daddy Warbucks


Who actually knew that the Wal-Mart Shareholders hooplah, aka the Wal-Mart Shareholders meeting that happened earlier this month in NWA, would bring in $4 million in revenue to the City of Fayetteville and the local A&P budget? Marilyn Heifner, the head of the city’s A&P Commission, that’s who. Heifner gave out those figures barely a week after the Wal-Mart circus tent left town. The only question Daddy W. has is, why does it take the A&P so long to calculate the impact other big events add to the Fayetteville coffer?

And as always, Wal-Mart is trying something new. Way out west (as in Arizona) Wal-Mart is toying with the idea of getting into the convenience store biz. Yep the world’s largest retailer is looking into smaller stores with no fruits or vegetables called Marketside. You can get milk, soda and prepared complete meal solutions. In otherwords, limited perishables.

Big Question

How many recruits has the U.S. military turned down since 2005 because applicants were overweight? (Answer at the end)

Hoss Race

Looks like the owners of Bowen Arrow Farms in northern Washington County are hoping to buy the much maligned Blue Ribbon Downs in nearby Salisaw, Okla. This would be a good thing. The Bowens know their horses. The track season at Blue Ribbon usually runs August through November. This is a track where quarter horses are king.

Less Vacancy

Realtors are pushing the statistics these days and who can blame them? As of April 2009 there were less than 1,000 newly built, but unoccupied homes in the area. That’s opposed to 3,000 such homes available a year ago in April. Stands to reason that time is correcting the glut of new home construction in NWA. Who knew?


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3G Now Open

The phone giant AT&T sure hurried its Bentonville area cell tower into service, amidst disgruntled neighbors who have to live with it in their backyards. The new 3G service promised in all those horrible robo calls to your home, they say, is now available. Press 2 to continue. Big deal.

Macadoodles II

Word has leaked-out that the Macadoodle’s liquor, gas and convenience store deal in Springdale isn’t done yet. Daddy W. hears that opposition storm clouds are gathering, with letters, calls and pledges of support against the approval of the permit. Time will tell.

Taxes Rise

The Washington County Treasurer says sales taxes for Washington County are up from last year. Like a robin in cold weather, let’s all hope this a sign of good things to come.

Quittin’ Time

There has been a flurry of real estate folks and others poking around the long closed watering hole, Quittin’ Time, across from Lowe’s on MLK Boulevard. Maybe, just maybe, someone will open that watering hole back up.

Mall Movies

Looks like the end has come for the dual screen Malco movie theater in the Northwest Arkansas Mall. No more mall movies. Daddy hears that Joe Garrett of Gymnastic Joe’s has first dibs on the space.

Big Answer

Since 2005, the U.S. military has turned down some 48,000 recruits because they were overweight.

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