XNA Numbers Down

daddyWay Down


By Daddy Warbucks

While the majority of the press about the Benton County apple orchard turned into a regional airport will always be positive, the year-to-date numbers don’t show that positive spin much mercy.

Mercy, mercy me, can XNA (the little airport that could) be so far down on the year? More than 13 percent to date?

Well, maybe the recent Wal-mart shareholders flying in and out will help that number, but not much some airport folks say.

Looks like airport traffic and air travel, even with the rising cost of gasoline, is down.

XNA in April produced its 12th monthly decline. And who said air travel is not a good indicator of the economic health of the country?

Little Rock National Airport is down more than 11 percent so far this year. Tulsa International Airport is down almost 13 percent. 

Some blame the ice storm earlier this year, well OK. Air travel was down 21 percent in January. But the downward trend continued in February. Can it bounce back? Yes.

But it is going to take more than direct flights to big cities. A cheaper airline like Southwest perhaps? But then that won’t really fix the problem. Only a stronger economy where people have the money to fly. That will fix a lot of things, won’t it? Even an old Benton County apple orchard.

Now Open

The Homewood Suites by Hilton opened its 269th extended-stay hotel in Fayetteville recently. The brand new 96-suite property is a stone’s throw off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near the University of Arkansas. 

New Band Man

Christopher Knighten, a native of North Little Rock, has been named director of the University of Arkansas athletic bands. Knighten comes to Arkansas from East Carolina University where he has led the band since 1993. He will begin his duties July 1. Readers want to know if this means an end to the endless repertoire of Disney tunes played at UA football games. Let’s hope so. Joining Knighten is his wife, Janet, who will serve on the university music faculty. She completed her doctorate at the University of Texas. Uh oh. Better watch this Hog fans and UT sippers out there.

Bad Timing

Of all the weeks to be closed … The Denny’s on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was closed for renovation but reopened on Friday, the final day of the Wal-mart Shareholders meeting. Are you kidding me? The Wal-martians were eating all over this area and a big chain like Denny’s was closed? Bad timing. And this is the third time that building has been painted, twice already this year. Wow.

Q3 Cluck Cluck

Word from the Tyson corporate henhouse in Chickendale is that the third-quarter profit results are gonna be good. Very good. Cock-a-doodle good, one high up Rooster says. Well, we shall see. Being No. 2 in the poultry game sure has humbled Tyson and made them better at looking at the bottom line.

Digital TV

If you live out in the country, this Saturday could be a big TV date for you. The nation’s broadcasters will begin transmitting 100 percent of their TV signals in digital format. If your set goes fuzzy, you must not have been watching all those mindless converter box commercials. If you need help setting-up a digital television (DTV) converter box, indoor antenna adjustments or hooking up analog VCRs to a converter, call 1-888-CALL-FCC or visit www.dtv.gov. Remember the government is here to help you.

Renter RX

Leave it up to Lindsey management to promote a new twist in the leasing world … a prescription discount card. The mega-renter wants you to consider living in one of their 31,000 apartment units throughout the south and they will sign you up for a discount pharmacy card. They say it can be used at all major discount stores and national pharmacies. Who knew that Lindsey could cure the nation’s health care woes?

Factored Out

Old Max Factor was once, once mind you, a giant on the makeup shelves. Not so much any more. Procter & Gamble has announced that Max will be factored out. Never fear Cover Girl. You are staying.

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