Much Ado About Macadoodles

Drama in Chickendale



By Daddy Warbucks

Some of the crowing one hears from Springdale (aka Chickendale) these days is as forked as a rooster’s tongue. A happy cock-a-doodle-do loudly comes from new Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse and his former opponent and current City Council member Mike Overton. Both are overjoyed that a new business, Macadoodles, a liquor store, wants to come to town. Another happy cock-a-doodle-do comes from just north of the Missouri line where the original Macadoodles is located. The Mo-Ark state line store owners are hoping to gobble up a lot of the Benton and Washington county business with the new store.


Sounds like a win-win. But not to liquor store owners Jim and Mary Lee Phillips and the Springdale Liquor Association.

Long, long ago as the earth cooled, the Springdale Liquor Association bought up all the little liquor permits in Springdale. So far back, that they are “grandfathered” in on state law, which almost (key word “almost”) prohibits “chain” ownership in a city. But history is no lesson here. One up-man-ship is.

Macadoodles wants to locate near the Interstate 540 and 48th Street corridor, which would give them a presence in Washington County. 

The city fathers are supporting the new business, just like they would almost any new enterprise, as it’s new money in the tax stream. Remember that this is the city that is suffering in that department after they let Sam’s Club slip down to Fayetteville because former State Sen. Jim Holt R-Far Right opposed the Sam’s Club idea to add a liquor store. This shows up at around a $1 million decline in tax revenue for the year.

Big Question

What percentage of U.S. dogs are obese or overweight? (Answer at the end)


Cool Movies

To beat the heat and the high cost of theater tickets, Fiesta Square in Fayetteville is offing some discounted prices. Mondays through Thursdays all seats, from open to close, are $4. Wow. On the weekends, a $4 ducat will get you into the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday shows before noon. Noon to 4 p.m. the tickets rise to $6 for adults and $4 for kids. From 4 to close the cost is 8 bucks for adults. Not a bad deal.


Cool Music

The Fayetteville Library will be jammin’ in June with four concerts set on the front patio of the library. Called the Mountain Street Stage, all concerts will be at 2 p.m. The series opens June 7 with Mike Sumler, John Johnson and Dennis Collins. June 14 will be The Walter Savage Trio. June 21, 3 Penny Acre and the final show on June 28, with Opal Fly & the Swatters. All free.



To the “new” UA Head Track and Field Coach, Chris Bucknam, for leading the Razorback thinclads to an SEC Outdoor title. It was the first outdoor title under Bucknam and the 93rd for the Razorbacks. This makes the Hogs nabbing five out of the last six SEC Outdoor titles. Former Coach John McDonnell laid the foundation. 

Good Principal

Congrats are in order for Matt Saferite, principal of Ramay Junior High in Fayetteville. He was named the Arkansas Secondary Principal of the Year. He is now in the running for national honors. Go Ramay.


Bye Bye

Not to belabor a point that’s already been made, but Pat Gazzola, longtime A&P Commission Chairman and owner of Catfish Hole stepped down from the A&P. 

He has served well, but stumbled when he made some unfounded, unfavorable comments about Dickson Street. 


Apex Winner

The Beaver Water District recently won a “Best Print” award for promotional materials on water usage and conservation. Good work.


Lube Up, Or Not

The biggest local advertiser of late has been those garish ads proclaiming denture cream poisoning that are being circulated by the Little Rock law office of Brad Hendrix. Yuck. But still something worth reading. Who knew that Fixodent, Poligrip or Superpoligrip could do you in?


New Digs

Arkansas Western Gas has moved just across U.S. 71B to the old digs of Proctor and Gamble, at 655 E. Millsap Drive. 


Coming Soon

The NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship (which means hear those cash registers ring) will be coming to John McDonnell Field June 10-13. Get ready. This is always a good event that brings in folks from all across the nation and lots of tourist dollars.


Big Answer

In a nation of obese dog owners, sadly some 40 percent of all canine pets are also overweight, according to statistics from one veterinary college.

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