Regrettable Reunions And Righteous Reunions

The Set List

By Brian Washburn

Everybody will feel nostalgic about something in their lifetime. Whether an ex, an old job, their childhood or a time in their life that they miss. For this reason, it is definitely no surprise that many bands feel nostalgic about their old playing days and decide to hit the road again.
Although several bands get back together to please their large fan base, others leave me (and many more, I’m sure) wondering … does it really count as a reunion if no one liked you in the first place? Yes, I’m looking at you Creed.
“Regrettable Reunions” (as we will call them) have been plentiful in recent years, including those of Creed, New Kids on the Block, Phish (personal opinion) and Stone Temple Pilots (yes, they are good, but Scott Weiland can’t keep out of jail long enough for a proper comeback).
Then there are the “Righteous Reunions.” Pioneer pop-punkers Blink 182 have excited fans who knew about the band long before they were big. Classic rockers, such as AC/DC, The Police and Led Zeppelin (even though it was for a short, short lived time) are others.
These Regrettable Reunions and Righteous Reunions have lit up message boards about the possibility of whether other bands that have either parted ways, kicked each other to the curb or simply faded away, will ever return to the big (or small) stage.
No band lasts forever, even though Mick Jagger wants you to think otherwise. But even after your favorite band decides to cut the music, certain rules should be applicable before bands juice up the tour van, turn up the amps and plug the microphones back in.
These rules are: The band must have been broken up for at least five years prior to the reunion show or tour, unless it was a bitter, all-brawl breakup. If the band has five or fewer full-length studio albums, then they must record new material. Give it all or spread the love; meaning, either do one huge show in a big market or go on a full tour. And finally, and probably the most important rule, a reunited band must have at least two-thirds of the key (notice I said key) original members performing and/or recording. So, without further ado, my top suggestions for bands that should reunite and bands that should just keep it packed up.
Get back together: Led Zeppelin (we all know we want a full tour), The Kinks, Midtown (best pop-punk band never discovered), At the Drive-In, The Cars, the original Guns N’ Roses (wishful thinking, I know).
Stay off our radar: Creed (please don’t do this to us, Miley and the Jonas Brothers have given us enough headaches over the past year), any boy band (God, that was a terrible phase), most ’80s hair metal bands, Smash Mouth, Dire Straits, Fastball (oh wait, they’re actually still recording, who knew?).
Final Thought: While many bands have returned or just stayed out of the limelight, others are quickly vanishing. I would just like to send a rest in peace to Incubus, which most likely will be taking a hiatus after this tour, and Armor For Sleep, which also looks to be taking a hiatus.

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