ASU, UA At Odds Over NWACC


 Daddy Warbucks

Daddy W. hears that some sharply toned letters were sent from the administrations of the University of Arkansas to Arkansas State University over a planned four-year degree program at NorthWest Arkansas Community College. Confused? Stay tuned. Seems like NWACC is about to partner with ASU to provide a four-year degree program in the virtual shadow of Old Main and the UA doesn’t like it one bit.
Not one little bit. Seems like there’s gonna be a rumble of dollars — state tax dollars, students and degree programs. And who will be the ultimate loser — well the taxpayers. The Benton County college that began without walls had a pact that the UA would accept any and all grades from the two-year institution. What seemed to sour the UA’s image on NWACC? What has been done behind the scenes for ASU to “come a courting” NWACC students? And how much tax dollars are we talking here? It does seem to those inept at political subterfuge that ASU, may have a political edge with Gov. Mike Bebee, AG Dustin McDaniel, State Sen. Shane Broadway and others with ASU pedigrees. The biggest question may be to all local business people who know that the UA means money to Northwest Arkansas and Fayetteville. What are we gonna do about it?

Looks like the U.S. government over-fined the owners of Acambaro restaurants. The fines will be lowered from $5,000 each to about $3,000 each. But, starting over, even in the Mexican restaurant business is costly.

Gulley Park
Little has been said, but the 13th annual free Gulley Park concert series starts soon. The opening event on May 28 will be Jason D. Williams followed Nathan Hamilton on June 4, Jack Mitchell Band on June 18, Contagious on July 9, Full House on July 23 and the finale of the concert series on Aug. 6, Oreo Blue. Enjoy.

Old Fashion
Consider how First Federal Bank is noting its 75th anniversary with an old school guessing game contest on how much money is in the jar. The bank brags that it will award 75 of the guessers with, what else? $75. Old school, conservative banking, safe promotion, just like First Federal. A really good idea.

So It Goes
As goes Walmart, goes the nation. Well not just yet, but almost. The world’s biggest retailer has decided to stop giving out monthly sales figures and reports like most all other rag retailers. Recent downturns in the month-to-month progress of Walmart in the recession has spurred some sell offs. Gotta stop that.

Home Sales
Still dismal. Down 20 percent. Sales have been down for 39 consecutive months. Another modern day record. And this, boys and girls, is home sales in Arkansas. Another chilling factor is unemployment. Look for it to rise in Arkansas in figures coming out later this month.

Fee Hike
Getting a ticket is gonna cost more, just like stamps, which went up Monday. Washington County raised its court fee from $5 to $20. Yikes. A state law allowing the change takes affect July 1.

Car-Mart Deuce
Car-Mart opened its second car lot in Rogers, home of Car-Mart’s first outlet, and another lot in Okmulgee, Okla., to make for 94 lots scattered across several southern and western states. Car-Mart sells them buy-here-pay-here bargains.

Fitness On Dickson
A new fitness gym, Clubhaus Fitness, is coming to Dickson Street. It will be housed in the old Piggly Wiggly store, most recently Hobby Craft and Frame Mart across from Underwood’s. The 9,000-square-foot space is hidden in the “L” shaped shopping center. Word is, it will open in September.

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