Powerhouse Thursday: Boom Kinetic

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Thursday, April 30 

Bayou: Larry Garner 

Cheers: Toast To The Blind 

George’s: Pat Green, Randy Houser 

Jose’s Streetside: Leah & the Mojo Doctors 

Maxine’s Tap Room: The Karltens 

Pesto: Kevin Bennoch 

Powerhouse: Boom Kinetic 

Smoke & Barrel: Opal Fly, 3/4 Kind 

Speakeasy: DJ Peaches 


Friday, May 1 

Arsaga’s Crossover: Deviator 

Arsaga’s Gregg: Jovan Arellano, Killer Addiction 

Bayou: Toast To The Blind 

Celtic Grill: Effron White 

Fatty Hacker’s: Karaoke

George’s: Nace Brothers, LAFUSO, Six Hung Sprung, The Plaid Jackets, Jarris, Dreamfast, Dirty Grass 

Gypsy: Strong Intention, Anomaly, Wake 

Jammin Java: Brandon White 

ROTC: On The Run 

Soul: The Old 78s 

Speakeasy: DJ Greg 

Squid & Whale: Chris Gulley 

Teatro Scarpino: DJ Adam Richardson 


Saturday, May 2 

Arsaga’s Gregg: Part Of The Plan 

Bayou: Darryl Brooks, Taken 

Ryleigh’s: Toast To The Blind 

George’s: Ultra Suede, Leah & The Mojo Doctors 

Jammin Java: Off The Wall 

Jose’s Southwest Grill: The Tyrones 

Little O’Oprey: Live Jam 

Soul: Jazz

Speakeasy: DJ Greg 

Sunday, May 3 

Common Grounds: Keith Nicholson, Jeff Fox 

Copeland’s: Claudia Burson Trio 

George’s: Sarah Hughes 

Jose’s Streetside: Isayah Warford, Kory Montgomery

Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst 

Smiling Jack’s: Emily Kaitz 


Monday, May 4 

The Perk: Open Acoustic Jam 

Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray 

U.S. Pizza: Matt & Gus 


Tuesday, May 5 Cinco De Mayo 

Bayou: Blues Jam

George’s: Electro Lounge 

Jose’s Southwest Grill: Lil Hoojin 

Jose’s Streetside: Earl & Them 

Wet Pig BBQ: Acoustic Jam 


Wednesday, May 6 

Ella’s: Jazz 

George’s: Boris Silva CD Release 

Greenhouse Grille: 3 Penny Acre 

Iron Horse: Open Jazz

Jose’s Streetside: Karaoke 

U.S. Pizza: Josh & Friends 


Thursday, May 7 

George’s: Where’s Lawrence 

Goodfolk: David Olney, Sergio Webb 

Jose’s Streetside: Big Bad Bubba 

Pesto: Sarah Hughes 

Powerhouse: Hardaway & The Commoners

Smoke & Barrel: Opal Fly, 3/4 Kind 

Speakeasy: DJ Peaches 



Arsaga’s Crossover: 527-0690 

Arsaga’s Gregg: 444-6557 

Bayou: 246-9337 

Bordino’s: 527-6795 

Celtic Grill: 271-7744 

Cheers: 935-4445 

Common Grounds: 442-3515 

Copeland’s: 246-9455 

Ella’s Restaurant: 582-0400 

Fatty Hacker’s: 751-0881 

George’s: 442-4226 

Goodfolk: 521-1812 

Greenhouse Grille: 444-8909 

Gypsy: 444-1945 

Iron Horse: 631-9977 

Jammin Java: 443-2233 

Jose’s Southwest Grill: 750-9055

Jose’s Streetside: 521-0194 

Little O’Oprey: 839-2992 

The Perk: 856-6382 

Pesto Cafe: 582-3330 

Powerhouse: 442-8300 

Restaurant On The Corner: 521-2674 

Ryleigh’s: 444-7324 

Smiling Jack’s: 935-4899 

Smoke & Barrel Tavern: 521-6880 

Soul Restaurant & Lounge: 442-0800 

Speakeasy: 443-3279 

Squid & Whale: 253-7147 

Teatro Scarpino: 409-3772 

US Pizza: 582-4808 

Wet Pig BBQ: 718-0008. 


Buffalo Run Casino

Miami, Okla., buffalorun.com 

Friday: The Lost Trailers 


Cherokee Casino

West Siloam Springs, Okla., 


Thursday: Clint Ingersoll 

Wednesday: Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials

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