Prom 2009… tips and tricks to dazzle and delight!


Last minute tips to be have a picture perfect prom

By Sheryl Porter

OK… So, you’ve broken the bank on the perfect dress and shoes. Here are some cost saving and time saving tips to get you through what will be the time of your life, albeit a little stressful.

1> Plan Ahead. Figure out what type of make-up look you want, jewelry you want to wear, and how you want your hair to look.

2> Face Time. When planning your make-up look, go dramatic on eyes OR lips, but not BOTH. Also, apply your foundation last. Young skin doesn’t need much perfecting and you may be surprised how pretty your skin will look au natural.

<<< Katherine’s Bold Red Lip

Heidi’s Bold Eye>>>

3> Utilize Resources. Get with gal pals and have an informal swap meet exchanging jewelry, shoes, hair accessories and make-up. This can be a fun way to create a one-of-a-kind look and save some serious money. You can also have your make-up applied complimentary at your local cosmetics counter. Keep in mind, you will need to call ahead and be flexible with your time. Have fun with colors! Try a turquoise eye with a sheer coral lip, or a purple smokey eye with a glossy pink lip.

4> Dress Rehearsal. If you can, organize a practice run with hair, clothes and make-up.

5> Mix it up. Prom prep can get pretty stressful, create a mixed CD with your favorite tunes to get you in a party frame of mind. Think: Lady Gaga, All American Rejects, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Stay Pretty, Prom Divas!!!!

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