Starting Tomato Plants

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By Pauline Keegan


Wood chips from the storm, planting in Zoysia

I bought a red tip Photinia last year. The leaves are falling off. Can I do anything to save it?

Leaf spot is a disease of ornamental bushes including Photinia. Constant spraying with a fungicide is necessary. Removing the bush for one that favors less attention in this area is the recommendation.


I want to start a garden. My lawn, where I plan to put a garden is Zoysia grass. Can Zoysia be removed?

Removing Zoysia would be a major undertaking. You might cover the area with several layers of newspaper and wait about a month in hope of smothering the grass. Waiting about a year is more likely to eliminate the Zoysia.


There are many wood chips available from the ice storm, can they be used in my garden?

Spreading the wood chips around ornamental plants is okay. For a vegetable garden, it is best to wait a year.


I would like to start my own tomato plants. When should I do this? 

You can start them as early as mid March. It takes about six weeks for the plants to be ready to put in the ground. The last average date for frost in Northwest Arkansas is April 25. You might need supplemental light to keep them from being leggy. When you do plant your plants in the ground, keep something handy to cover them in case of a late frost.  


What can I do about my Liriope, It looks like a shaggy dog?

Liriope or lily turf renews it self each year. Cut or mow the old, dead foliage before the new

leaves grow tall and get in the way of removal of the old leaves.


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