Farmer's Market Opens

daddySpring gardens flourish

By Daddy Warbucks

Folks at the garden centers all across Northwest Arkansas report a brisk market in springtime stuff, and that’s a good thing. Some say that garden seeds and plants are flying off the shelves. Others are saying the economy makes folks picky, very picky. But lawn and garden, flower gardening and vegetable gardening activities are up in 2009, many say. This may be, as always, a little early, but the Fayetteville Farmers Market and other farmers markets in the region are set to open over the next few days and weeks. The Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday markets on the Fayetteville Square open this week and the 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. evening market in the Mill District opens April 9. Daddy W. loves strolling the farmer’s markets, seeing all the fresh, locally grown produce, some rather exotic. And the flowers and then the locally made foods all for sale and all on display. The Fayetteville Farmers Market will hold is usual bevy of activities this year and that’s a good thing. Aren’t you glad it is spring? And aren’t you happy when the Square is bustling on Farmers Market Days?
Ah, Spring,
Ah, Fayetteville.
There is nothing quite like it … Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas, U.S.A., North America, Planet Earth.

Big Question
What is the number of different occupations that Barbie has held during her 50-year run as America’s most popular doll?

Froggy’s Locked
The ongoing tenant and landlord dispute at Froggy’s on Dickson Street has resulted in padlocks and court orders and the bar is closed. Bars and clubs come and go. Some go much faster than others.

Tea Party
On Tax Day, April 15, Chickendale (some know it as Springdale) will join more than 140 cities hosting an April 15 Tax Day Tea Party from noon to 2 p.m. More than 100 people have already vowed to attend this tax-protest party near the Holcomb Street Post Office. Sweet tea, no doubt, will be on the menu. GOPers will be the flavor of those attending, tossing in a few Democrats.

Them Ratings
Some things change, some don’t. So it was no surprise that KKIX-FM, 103.9 “KIX 104” has once again taken the top-rated radio station in Northwest Arkansas. It’s been there for 23 plus years.

The Battle
The fall 2008 ratings by Arbitron showed a battle for the second and third ranked spots. KEZA-FM, “Magic” 107.9 came out as the No. 2 station, beating its brother KIGL-FM, 93.3 “The Eagle.” So Guy Westmoland and Jennifer Irwin rose in rankings, while Jon and Deke fell? Guy and gal chemistry works. Stay tuned.

Naturals Need
Can the NWA Naturals match the West Michigan Whitecaps? Let’s see. The West Michigan Whitecaps, a Detroit Tigers minor league baseball team, will be offering a 4 pound, $20 burger featuring five beef patties, five slices of cheese, nearly a cup of chili and liberal doses of salsa and corn chips, all on an eight-inch sesame seed bun. Whoa! Anyone who can gobble down the burger gets a special T-shirt. Could Strike down such a burger?

Vegas Bound
XNA officials fending off questions of lagging air travelers, had a Las Vegas showgirl legging for a new nonstop flight added recently. Yes, direct flights to Vegas, Baby! Allegiant Air will start offering  discount direct flights from Las Vegas to Northwest Arkansas. Watch for a proliferation of ATM’s along the highway leading to XNA.

Fares Slashed
Travelers who fly through Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport are getting some fare relief. Some carriers, to boost their numbers, are slashing prices. Still XNA is the 32nd most expensive airport in the United States as reported by Forbes magazine.

Travelers Down
XNA witnessed the first annual decline in passenger traffic during 2008. Travelers were down 4.4 percent overall with a one-month dip of 16.6 percent coming in November. Yikes.

Charitable giving to the Arkansas Educational Television Network Foundation are 50 percent behind projections. Whoops. Official blame the recession and the loss of two transmitters in central and south Arkansas. The public broadcasting system as a whole — public television and public radio — is struggling. AETN Membership costs $30 and $20 for students and seniors. AETN has broadcast in Arkansas since December 1966.

Wrong Move
The War Memorial Stadium Commission will soon spend more than $7 million and not really add any more paid seating to the stadium in Little Rock. The University of Arkansas plays a pair of football games there each fall, losing more than $2 million on each game. A new press box will double the number of premium seats. Those seats will not be for corporate sales, but primarily for visiting athletic directors and administrators. The stadium dates back to 1948.

Big Answer
Barbie has held more than 108 different occupations during the last 50 years.

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