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By Pauline Keegan

Now that the stormy season is over, what can I start doing in the garden?
The stormy season may or may not be over. However, we do get some breaks when the temperatures are in the 40s or higher and the sun is shining. At this time, fruit trees and roses can be sprayed with dormant oil to kill insect eggs. It’s too early to remove the mulch from perennials and trees. Lime can be applied to lawns if needed. Bring a sample of your soil to the county extension office to be tested, then you will know what nutrients are needed for vegetables, flowers and lawns. Now is a good time to do that before the last minute rush of procrastinators.

Do I need to put mulch around my trees?

Well-established trees do not need mulch but, young trees do. When applying mulch around young trees, it is important to  leave a space of about six inches around the trunk. When the mulch is against the tree, it retains moisture around the bark.

When should I repot my houseplant?

As the days grow  longer houseplants begin to show new growth. This is a time to repot them.
Even if the plant is not root bound, it would appreciate fresh soil, a warm shower and a little fertilizer. A little fertilizer is to be taken literally. A houseplant is in an unnatural setting and over fertilizing would force it to become leggy.

Note: The the last average frost date in Northwest Arkansas is April 25. That is an average. You can plant as late as May, but be prepared to cover the growing plants.

Send your questions and tips to Washington County Master Gardeners, 2536 N. McConnell Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72704 or call 444-1755.

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