Summit, Stimulus, New Deal

By Daddy Warbucks


In this “do-over” generation, everything needs to have a new name, a new catch phrase, something “catchy” to ignite the oldest and simplest way to really get things done … call a meeting and toss some ideas about.

The City of Fayetteville, after having some high-priced and I mean HIGH-priced experts courted by the previous administration, is having a welcome about-face. The previous administration’s experts asked the public citizens a bunch of questions on an economic direction for the city. Fine and good. But suddenly, as if on cue, them high-priced experts want more money and a good bit more to tell us what we said. Not such a good deal.

Maybe now as cooler and more frugal heads have decided, we’ll hold our own big meeting and listen to what people were saying the first time. And then we’ll all get together and see what we can do.

The first thing we citizen taxpayers have learned is that the city can (and will) host its own meeting for far less money than we spent before. Woo wee progress already. And a savings, too.

This community can do anything, you see, if we all pull together. 

In this community, if you don’t like the scenario, just get out of the way of those who want to do the pulling, if you can’t go the direction that things need to get done. 

All this talk about a summit and getting things done is good. But the great part always comes after such event in this culturally diverse city. The talk about good things continues.

If you’ve never lived in a small Arkansas town that is down on itself, well that’s a big change. And that’s one change in tone that Daddy W. never, never, never hopes he hears, that there is indeed a defeatist attitude here in Fayetteville. Because there is not.


Big Question

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, people are walking faster than they did a decade ago. How much faster? Answer at the end.

Wrong County

Congressman John Boozman, R-Confused Arkansan, and his staff may need a hometown geography lesson. The Congressman’s Web site has stated, very proudly, that his mobile office will open soon in Washington County. Oops. Actually it will be in Bella Vista. That’s so not Washington County.


The Northwest Arkansas Shrine Club put a “blind” ad in the newspapers recently looking for two phone pros, cash paid weekly for local events and also for a light truck delivery driver. Ring, a ding, ding … Shiners are calling.

XNA Loss

NWA Regional Airport has lost another direct flight, this one to Los Angeles. Another casualty of the economy. The word is that there will be about 10 percent fewer seats available this year nationwide. That statistic is beginning to show at the Highfill Apple Orchard Airport. Remember Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, when fewer planes land and take off, less revenue is generated for the airport.

Rock ‘N Roll

Will Northeastern Arkansas be home to a rock ‘n’ roll highway? A bill filed by State Rep. J.R. Rogers of Walnut Ridge would designate a portion of U.S. 67 in Jackson, Lawrence and Randolph counties as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Highway 67,” in honor of the much-traveled road taken by many rock stars in the 1950s. Musicians like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Fats Domino, and others, traveled that highway to perform at places like Porky’s Rooftop in Newport and Charley’s Place in Swifton. The measure would require the state Highway and Transportation Department to put up signs marking the rock ‘n’ roll highway.

To Buy Or Not

Gov. Mike Beebe says a group of buyers has offered to purchase a Pilgrim’s Pride plant in El Dorado that is slated to close in May, although the Texas-based poultry company has not responded to the offer. Pilgrim’s Pride folks say no buyer is in the mix. So which comes first, the chicken or the plant purchase? Rumor is that someone in NWA might buy the plant. Stay tuned.

Big Answer

The BBC notes that people are walking 10 percent faster these days.

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