Internal Turmoil of the Plastic Kind

By Sheryl Porter

Have you heard about the new breakfast menu at Denny’s? 

Everywhere you turn everyone is talking about Nadya Suleman, Octo-Mom.  EVERYONE has an opinion on it and the media has weighed in on the speculation.  Will she keep the kids?  Will they be put up for adoption? Is her home safe to raise 14 kids? Is she mentally capable of raising that many kids? And, who is going to pay for their upbringing?

Nadya Suleman Angelina Jolie, Pictures: Octumom Nadya Suleman Creeps Out Angelina Jolie “One of these things is NOT like the other”

From the beginning, comparisons have been made and speculation brewed that Suleman is striving to look like actress and mega star Angelina Jolie.  Can you actually blame her?  Jolie is a beautiful woman and her looks are many women’s perfect aesthetic.  But, its creepy how far Suleman, who is clearly unstable, will go to change her looks whether it is to mimic Jolie or not.  I look at faces everyday. It’s my job and a hobby.  The best plastic surgery are the nips and tucks that go unnoticed.  So did Nadya Suleman have plastic surgery???  Hell-to-the-yeah she did!   She had months to prepare for her huge media debut, and here is my opinion of Suleman’s plastic surgery smorgasbord:

sulemanbeforeafter  “Who’s your Mamma?”

Nose: Obvious Rhinoplasty (ie-nose job) going on here.  You don’t have to be a surgeon to figure that out.  Suleman’s nose is noticeably thinner and the tip is refined.

Lips:  It’s a shame that Nadya has fillers injected into her lips, because her lips actually look nice and full in the ‘before’ picture.  Perhaps her fertility doctor gave her the physician recommendation… two doctors that subscribe to the ‘more is more’ philosophy.  Note to her doctors… when it come to fertility and cosmetic procedures “LESS is MORE”

Forehead: Evidence of  Botox… plausible.  This one is not as clear cut as the other procedures.  In both photos Nadya’s forehead is smooth.  If she is victim to the Botox needle, I grant her a mulligan.  I don’t really count Botox against her… everyone is getting it on their lunch break anyway.

Eyes: Fact…  Your face does thin out as your get older giving is a bonier look, especially around the eyes. (reference:  see Sharon Stone through the years) Bottom line, I truly believe the  Octo-Mom got the fat sucked out of her eyelids.  Although the date of the ‘before’  picture is unknown, this type of thinning of the eyelids would occur over many, many years of age… not just a couple.

Face: I am *convinced* Nadya Suleman has had some injectable filler to soften her ‘marionette lines’ (also known as nasolabial folds) around her mouth and I am soooo jealous.  Hyaluronic Acid is the filler of choice and am dying to try some of that myself.  However, I have a job and would pay for it in cash.  The big, Big, BIG question is… how did Nadya Suleman pay for all of these cosmetic procedures?!?    Well, just refer back to the question at the top of the blog….

Answer: Eight eggs, no sausage and the guy next to you have to pay for it!

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