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look_2by Sheryl Porter 

So how does one become qualified to write a beauty column and advise others?  I hate to break this to you, but there is not a certification process or a school one must attend.  All it takes is a passion for the industry, a love for making people look and feel their best, a dash of talent and lots of practice.  How much practice?  Well, I guess I technically got my start in the business in 1997.  But I really got my start at a tender young age by putting together outfits and applying makeup to friends, family, neighbors, anybody who would sit still long enough to be my model… even a little brother once. 


sheryl-circa-1986I remember when this circa 1986 photo was taken.  I was in the fifth or sixth grade, just went to see my first concert, New Edition, and feeling pretty good about myself despite the fact that I was in desperate need for an orthodontist.  Cyndi Lauper was my absolute idol!!!  Her multi-colored hair, avant garde makeup, Salvation Army clothes, that high pitched crazy voice… an 80’s icon indeed.  While most little girls experimented with their Barbie dolls and stuffed animals, I used my own face as a science laboratory.   In the early experiments, I tried everything! Even sneaking into the bathroom one night and attempting to create my very own longwearing lipstick.  My recipe was a precise mixture of Revlon nail polish and Bonne Bell lip-gloss.  All it created was a burning mess on my mouth!!!  Another failed attempt was the time I used a Sharpie as eyeliner.  I do not recommend either of these techniques.  Along the way, I have learned many beauty and style lessons that I will to share with you in this monthly column and answer your questions along the way. But, one thing that has not changed is that I still use my own face as a science lab (thank goodness I grew into those chipmunk cheeks)!  

On Tuesday, March 10th I will be hosting two beauty classes at Dillard’s Northwest Arkansas Mall.  The first class is at noon and attendees will learn how to create a ‘40’s inspired look with a modern twist with lots of fun tricks and techniques thrown in.  Think Lauren Bacall meets Victoria Beckham!  If you are looking to learn more advanced artistry techniques, join us at 3:00.

At this class you will master an unconventional smoky eye and learn advanced artistry techniques.  This class is a must for the true beauty diva!  Both classes will demonstrate step-by-step technique and you will go home with a tear sheet of your look. 

Seating is limited, so call Dillard’s at 479.521.7171 to reserve your spot at the class of your choice.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Until then…

Stay Pretty!


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