Super Bowl Wing Scare All Hype

Daddy W. hopes that whoever started the “scare” over the availability of a less than ample supply of chicken wings for last Sunday’s Super Bowl is apprehended, tarred-and-feathered and rode down to Gitmo on a prickly, splinter riddled railroad tie. Horrors! Not enough chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday! One should not feed on the worst fears of football fans. It was bad enough to have two teams that no one cared about playing in the Super Bowl. But not enough wings! That’s like saying Bud has run out of beer or Cola companies are in a shortfall. In these bad economic times such pranks are not funny, Earl or Vern or whoever you are, it is not funny at all. Thinking about not having enough chicken wings to feed this football nation here in the middle of chicken processing U.S.A. is — well, unfathomable. It was just a vile Internet rumor or some blogger’s ultimate delight. The rumor was quelled by cooler heads, i.e. those at Tyson Foods and other protein processors who told all the Super Bowlers that yes, indeed, there would be enough chicken wings for the glorious repasts of Super Bowl Sundays.

Big Question
What is the income gap between median salaries of law school graduates and those with a bachelor’s degree? (Answer at the end)

They’re Back, Baby
Wal-Mart is returning the “Great Value” store brands. The less frills printing on boxes, bulkier sizes and little or no promotion costs involved with these house brand products will put pennies back in your pocket. Save. Live life. Wal-Mart. Whatever.

A&P Numbers
In November, remember November? When gasoline prices were going down and so was your 401(k) and the stock market. Well, the Fayetteville A&P numbers for top restaurants had all the regulars in November. No. 1 was U of A Food Services (hmmm, a departure from Chartwells), next was Olive Garden, Golden Corral, Chick-Fil-A (North College Avenue), and Red Lobster rounding out the top five. Chartwells came in at No. 6 followed by McDonald’s (Mall Avenue), Shogun, Chick-Fil-A (Razorback Road) and McDonald’s (on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd., formerly Sixth Street).

Now Open
The Modern Cafe at 415 N. College Ave. is now open. Traditional cafe food. Good prices. Good luck.

Top Hotels
The top five revenue generators in the hotel category reported to the Fayetteville A&P for November were Courtyard by Marriott, Clarion Inn, Inn at Carnall Hall, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express.

No To Tax
It didn’t take long for the Arkansas Hospitality Association to mount a campaign lobbying legislators to vote against a bill that would raise the taxes on liquor. The tax is part of a revenue package supported by Gov. Mike Beebe. The 5 percent tax increase would be on all liquor and wine sold at the wholesale and retail level. The AHA, which represents hotels, restaurants and tourism venues says the tax on spirits in Arkansas is high enough.

Big Answer
About $58,880 is the gap between the median salaries of a law school graduate and those who earn a bachelor’s degree, according to the Wall Street Journal.
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