When Will I Have Power?

SWEPCO, the electric supplier for most urban areas on Northwest Arkansas say they have more than 1,000 people working around the clock to restore power. Crews from surrounding states have come to NWA to help get things back to normal.

As most of you know, if you call SWEPCO, you’ll get a cordial person, who is in another state, most likely Louisiana. We actually got to talk to a real person when we called SWEPCO and she did a little explaining about grids and distribution areas. They have been saying from the beginning that they would have power back up for MOST everyone by midnight tonight (Saturday, Jan. 31) and they’re sticking to it.

We talked to someone yesterday from east Fayetteville who said he had power for about 15 minutes and then it went off. So what’s up? Why only MOST people? Why does your next door neighbor have power and you don’t?

Info is below from SWEPCO that might answer those questions. You can also go to the SWEPCO site www.swepco.com to see a map showing the history and projection of when the power will be restored.

 YOU MAY BE DIFFERENT THAN YOUR NEIGHBOR—SWEPCO can’t  reconnected your power if there is damage to the service entrance, which is either 1) the meter, 2) between the meter and your home’s electrical panel, or 3) the point the power connects from your home to the cable. You will have to have an electrician repair this damage before your power can be restored. DO NOT try and do this yourself. The lines probably have power even though you don’t have lights, etc. Eyeball this. Don’t touch anything. If it looks askew, call an electrician and be patient.

There is a dividing line between what SWEPCO’s responsible for and what the homeowner is. In a nutshell, SWEPCO’s responsible for the big lines that carry the power down the street, but lines carrying the power to your house, your meter and bascially anything on your property is your responsibility.

If you want to ring SWEPCO call them at 888-218-3919.

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