We Are No. 1

Daddy Warbucks

Woo Pig Sooie. We are No. 1 … in spending that is. The University of Arkansas spends more money on athletics in proportion to its instructional expenditures than any other Division 1A school in America. Wow. No. 1. Can that be?
According to the U.S. Department of Education, the UA’s spending on Razorback sports equals 56.5 percent of its ENTIRE budget. In an effort at public disclosure, the UA athletic programs are supported entirely by the Razorback Foundation and revenue generated through ticket sales, concessions, conference distributions and licensing fees. And for a little more public disclosure, Daddy W. is a contributor, be it a small one.
Who was No. 2? Another SEC school of course, Roll Tide! The University of Alabama is in the No. 2 spot, with 50.2 percent of its budget spent on athletics. So Go Hogs, 6.3 percent ahead of Bama. Woo Pig!
And there is a trio of other SEC schools in the National Top 10 — Auburn is seventh at 40.8 percent, Ole Miss is eighth at 35.8 percent and LSU comes in at ninth at 33.8 percent.
Other SEC notables on the list include our Ivy Covered sister SEC school Vanderbilt University, which ranks last in the nation with only 6.4 percent going toward athletics. Vanderbilt eliminated its athletic department and the position of athletic director in 2003. Daddy W. wonders if Blue Horse notebooks and Big Chief tablets cost more in Nashville than Fayetteville?
So when you wonder where all the glitz and glitter comes from on the Razorbacks, now you know.

Big Question
They talk about “cougars” in Hollywood all the time, older women who date younger men. So what percentage of women older than 40 are dating younger men? (Answer at the bottom).

Deeper Still
With this being the week of swearing in a new president, the stock market takes an even deeper dive, or so it seems. Can the bottom be found? Remember if the recession continues past April into May, this will be the second longest recession in U.S. history.

Casino Deals
There are plenty of rooms at the inns at the casinos these days. Watch for great deals on rooms and meals.

Gas Edging Up
Yes, Virginia, gasoline prices have slowly risen back to near $2 a gallon. Watch as the economic doomsday forecasters continue to frighten us on the nightly newscasts with bleak economic forecasts.
Gasoline prices will go back up, and up, and up. Remember $4 a gallon gasoline a few months back? Painfully, most of us do.

New Pizza
Big, bold new signs for a pizza spot out on Wedington went up this past week in the former Picasso’s Pizza spot. Gusano’s. Check it out.

Has Harp’s Foods Stores suspended the gasoline discount? No big announcement has been made, but there is evidence that the program that offered a percentage off your gas based on your in-store purchases has been discontinued.

Now What?
One has to wonder what the next local TV ad to try and stimulate the economy will be. Remember Rogers Mayor Steve Womack telling us just a few scant months ago: “Now is the time to buy a home in Northwest Arkansas.” Then came the “Now is the time to buy a new car” ads.

Big Answer
About 34 percent of women older than 40 date younger men.

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