The Best of Northwest Arkansas

The Best of Northwest Arkansas
The readers have spoken

Every year the Free Weekly asks readers to tell us their favorite spots in Northwest Arkansas, from places to bank and shop, and where to grab a cup of coffee or burger. Here’s what they said.

Shopping and Services

Best Music Store: Sound Warehouse
Runner Up: Hastings

Best Bookstore: Nightbird Books
Runner Up: Dickson Street Bookshop

Best Sports Store: Pack Rat
Runner Up: Uncle Sam’s

Best Jewelry Store: Underwood’s
Runner Up: David Adams

Best Women’s Clothing and Accessories: Cheap Thrills
Runner Up: Something Urban

Best Flower Shop: ZuZu’s Petals
Runner Up: Flora

Best Thrift/Vintage Shop: Cheap Thrills
Runner Up: The Flying Dog

Best Furniture Store: IO Metro
Runner Up: Lacuna Modern Interiors

Best Salon: Shine
Runner Up: Razor’s

Best Bank: Bank of Fayetteville
Runner Up: Arvest Bank

Best Spa: La Vida
Runner Up: Pink Papaya

Eating Out

Best Salad: Greenhouse Grille
Runner Up: Smiling Jack’s

Best Burger: Hugo’s
Runner Up: Brenda’s

Best Barbecue: Penguin Ed’s
Runner Up: Boar’s Nest

Best Steak: Herman’s
Runner Up: Doe’s

Most Romantic Restaurant: 1936 Club
Runner Up: Bordino’s

Best Seafood: Mermaids
Runner Up: Powerhouse

Best Late Night: IHOP
Runner Up: Sunrise Café

Best Southern Cooking: Mama Dean’s
Runner Up: Neal’s

Best Pizza: US Pizza
Runner Up: Guido’s

Best Vegetarian Selection: Greenhouse Grille
Runner Up: Ozark Natural Foods

Best Asian: A Taste of Thai
Runner Up: Thai Diner

Best New Restaurant: Smiling Jack’s
Runner Up: Urban Table

Best Brunch: Emelia’s
Runner Up: Uncle Gaylord’s

Best Mexican: El Camino Real
Runner Up: Oseguera’s

Best Breakfast: Rick’s Iron Skillet
Runner Up: Common Grounds

Best Sushi: Shogun
Runner Up: Kobe

Best Italian Restaurant: Pesto Café
Runner Up: Bordino’s

Drinking Out

Best Coffeeshop: Arsaga’s
Runner Up: Jammin’ Java

Best Beer List: Brewski’s
Runner Up: Powerhouse

Best Cocktails: Powerhouse
Runner Up: Theo’s

You can still vote in two categories at Winners in these categories will be announced on Jan. 8.


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