Daddy Warbucks

Daddy Warbucks
Labor Day
Missing the Meaning

Labor Day is the holiday that few can explain anymore. The first Razorback football game is in the books along with a projected $3.5 million boost to the local economy and that’s down from a high of $5 million for a non-conference game weekend boost in previous years.
The settlement between Wal-Mart and its former No. 2 man, Tom Coughlin is closer to being made public. The rumor is $6.7 million, but regardless of the amount, the pension settlement is in the millions, even if you broke Mr. Sam’s No. 1 rule.
But back to Labor Day. Northwest Arkansas is now sitting in a precarious spot. We need more jobs, hourly wage jobs, good paying jobs, a true industrial base. But it seems the City of Fayetteville and the Chamber of Commerce, once again, don’t have a clue on how to obtain and maintain that working relationship. They are so focused on the service industry, which in itself is fine, but standing alone those jobs are low wage and fluctuate with the economy’s wide swings.
Many nationally are looking at the upcoming election, a pullout in Iraq and lowering price of oil to stimulate the economy and rejuvenate us all. Good luck on the first 100 days, no matter who is elected in November.
Now is the time for a more cohesive job market plan for Fayetteville, Washington County and all of Northwest Arkansas. Is anyone listening?

According to a  national survey, what percent of Blackberry users said they check their Blackberry while in the bathroom?

The University of Arkansas has retracted its $50 million offer to buy the 40-acre Fayetteville High School lot and the associated buildings. The university submitted the offer this summer, but no action had been taken since. Oops. Did the FHS School Board and Administration just commit Fayettevilleism…talk an issue to death, make no decision and let opportunity slip away?

The August issue of Wine Spectator honored some of Arkansas’ most renowned restaurants in the magazine’s annual Best Wine Lists of 2008. Sixteen Arkansas restaurants made the cut, winning the magazine’s “Award of Excellence.” Local spots on the list include: Bordinos, James at the Mill and Theo’s.

Fayetteville’s first wine bar, The Wine Cellar, 509 W. Spring St., just south of Dickson Street, is opening soon. It will be located in the Metro District Building next to the Nadine Baum Studio. The Wine Cellar will feature the use of self-service Enomatic wine dispenser, unlike anything else in the state. You will be able to choose between purchasing a taste, a half glass, or a full glass of wine.

Brandon Barber and his LLC partners (too many names to name) filed for bankruptcy protection just before the court convened on the Legacy Building lawsuit. He is only postponing the pain. Such an ugly mess. One big new empty building looming over Dickson Street, replacing the previous big old empty building on that spot.

Signs are up that the Acambaro Restaurants in Lowell (the home base) and some of the other Mexican food locations once shuttered by the Feds, will be re opening soon.

Granite City Food & Brewery, an upscale casual restaurant chain, announced it is closing its Rogers location amid an approximately $1.3 million net loss since its opening in October. Wow. Time to go. Football season can’t help. They are outa here.

New cosmetic changes to the big restaurant (formerly Cool Water) down in the hole on North College continues. Now called Savor, an application for an on-premises alcohol consumption permit has been filed by Monty Lair.

Garren Schader has made an application to sell small farm wine and beer for carry out at the Highland Store, 13528 Highway 16 West, Fayetteville. The permit is way out on Highway 16. Spirits will be sold in Western Fayetteville after all.

BIG ANSWER.. Sixty-three percent of Blackberry users surveyed said they check the device while in the restroom.

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