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If it clucks, it’s probably a chicken
Tyson goes to India for Real Good Chicken
Tyson Foods may now have both the hen and the feathers in a new deal of global proportions. The world’s largest protein producer bought 51 percent of Indian food processor, Mumbai a division of Godrej Foods. So the new company is Godrej Tyson, or as they say in some spots in the rural south, and maybe even in India, God Tyson.
Its said the new venture will hopefully train and equip 1,000 workers to turn out 60,000 chickens a day. Heck, they get that in an hour or two at most plants, don’t they? The new Tyson logos will go up at Bangalore and Mumbai. Watch for the signs. Best of all, one of the existing Godrej brand names that’s familiar to all of India is, get this, Real Good Chicken. One of Mumbai’s fresh labels is Yuminez. What’s that old joke, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ The answer: To go international in a big way, of course.
On another note, Springdale recently opened one of its first (of many Daddy W. hopes) east/west multi-lane streets, the Don Tyson Parkway.

For all you who still believe Sam Walton’s ghost walks at Wal-Mart, watch out. The new logo will take out that heavenly star that we all know is Mr. Sam. The new logo will show the star fading in the background, just like Mr. Sam’s ideas for the company. It will now be one word: Walmart.

Pulaski Bank, the bank that took over the empty boxes at ANB after its collapse, had a random day of good deeds last week. Associates secretively slipped up on people stopping to fill up their gas tanks. The Pulaski Bank folks not only pumped the gas, but also paid for the gas!

Look at this story with a business eye, will ya? The City of Fayetteville put out a couple of recycling bins for Dickson Street so that restaurants can recycle glass, plastic and aluminum. OK. Good idea. The city has been recycling Dickson Street cardboard for years. So does the city give the restaurants a break for using them, since the city’s probably selling these recycled items? Daddy W. knows they’re saving the planet, but what about the business part of it? And one last question: Are John Nock and Richard Alexander still paying the late fees to the city now that the crane is down, and where are all those late fee bucks going?

Arvest, the state’s largest bank, is not gonna waste any time on the courthouse steps with its repo homes, no sir. It’s gonna be an Auction-Palooza. August 2 will be the big day when 150-bank owned homes go under the hammer. Internet bidding is open and welcomed. The event will be at, where else, the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers. Unlike most other auctions, there will not be a Bohemian buffet. And please, you country folk, watch them small children and loose running livestock. Not responsible for unattended items. Sale to be held rain or shine. Hear, ye, hear ye, Arvest is gonna sell them homes. Maybe Johnny Ross, the big-eyed, gosh-awful furniture and video ad guru, will be doing an arm-winding commercial to help rev up interest.

The Russell Index, a stock index that captures the 4,000 largest U.S. stocks and ranks them by market capitalization will rev up the Car-Mart folks by including them in its picks. The Russell 300, which sounds like a race, well it is of sorts. A race to see how much equity the company can make for its shareholders.

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