Wade Ogle and Songs of Winter

By Jerry Oliver
Wade Ogle is a busy man these days. Besides having a family, which is a full time job itself, and being co-owner of the Dickson Theater, he’s also playing live shows and has just launched a new album. This is pretty exciting stuff since we haven’t heard new music from Wade in almost seven years.

Wade grew up in Springdale and didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 19 years old. It didn’t come easy to him, but he was able to come up with an experimental style and by 1987 he was relocating to Fayetteville with his band Declarations of Love.

“I desperately wanted to make a career out of it.”, Wade said. .

And that he did, with great success. Over the following 13 years he played in bands like, HoneyDied, Dali Automatic, Faith Healers and Delta Spacemen. He toured, put out albums, and gained great respect from fans and other musicians.

“I enjoyed most everything about it. We did touring with the Flaming Lips, Butthole Surfers…opened for Radiohead. Full steam ahead.”

In 2000, after 13 years of intense band life, Wade threw in the towel and started a family.

“When these things happen, you have a lot more to think about other than just yourself. So I think I got serious about making a living.”

For nearly seven years, Wade wouldn’t write any new songs or perform live, but he didn’t stray too far from local music. As co-owner of JR’s Lightbulb Club and co-owner of Dickson Theatre, he continued to book shows and still does today.

In 2006, he began writing new songs when inspiration struck from a unlikely place.

“I was a huge fan of the HBO series Deadwood…it came to me to write a series of songs about various American Outlaws, Bluesmen, etc.”

The original recordings of the Fort Destroyer demo were done for personal gratification. Unfortunately, with the push of a wrong button, all of them were deleted off his hard drive, and lost forever. Lucky for us, Wade re-entered Fayetteville’s Listen Laboratory studio to record Songs from Winter, which was recorded in the winter of 2007/2008.

“A great deal of it was recorded late at night alone in my home studio…a shed called Chateau ‘ Gle,” Wade said.

Recording albums is nothing new, but Wade’s live presentation would be changed drastically as he took to the stage for the first time without a band.

“It’s very difficult to carry a show solo. I dug deep and began rehearsing solo and when I knew what I was doing was powerful and emotional, I started booking live shows.”

Songs from Winter was rolled out at www.wadeogle.com and www.myspace.com/wadeoglemusic where songs can be previewed or purchased.  It will be available on CD and at iTunes on June 17. On June 14 there will be a free record listening party (no live performance) at The Lightbulb Club at 8 p.m. On June 26 there will be a CD release party at the Dickson Theater with special guests The Good Fear and The Majesty.

The album features some reworking of those lost Fort Destroyer songs, some brand new tracks, and three covers.

Local musicians Stacy Liles and Cody Russell (Charliehorse), Dustin Bartholomew (The Good Fear), Dwight Chalmers and former bandmate Matt Kesner are among those who appear on the disc.

When asked what could be expected from the album, Wade playfully remarked, “Well, there’s multiple murders, carefree attitudes in the face of sure death, refusal of God’s great mercy, suicide and the rejoicing of a new day. Ultimately, it’s a summertime pop record.”

Track list
Wade Ogle – Songs From Winter
Lost All Beliefs
Your Side Of The Mountain
Girl From The North Country* (B. Dylan)
Captain Of My Pain
New Morning* (N. Cave)
The Real Masterpiece
William Bonney
Bonnie & Clyde
Huddie Leadbetter
Robert Johnson
Got To Move / Amazing Grace* (F. McDowell/traditional)
Performers: Wade Ogle, vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, harmonica, organ; Stacy Liles, bass guitar; Joe Katzbeck, piano, organ; Matthew Kesner, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric sitar; Brock Mitchell, drums; Dwight Chalmers, percussion, loops, drums; Cody Russell, pedal steel guitar, Dustin Bartholomew, backing vocals, piano; and John Kennedy, violin.

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