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Making Ripples

Solar Peppermint: Energy on the Go

By Amanda Bancroft Shopping for solar panels is a lot more complicated than picking out curtains. Fortunately, solar panels aren’t limited to your roof the way window curtains are generally

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Bright & Shining Fire

Thursday is May Day, an ancient Spring festival. May Day, always under the sustaining light of Taurus, is the Celtic (Gaelic) festival of Beltane, a Sun festival. May Day also


Songs of the Beaver Lake Watershed

By Terrah Baker Kelly Mulhollan and Donna Stjerna, of the band Still on the Hill, are getting ready to unveil a project that the long-time traveling, folk music duo says

Cover Story

Local Collaboration of Talents Creates Amazing Looks

Some of the most exciting projects are those that start with a collaboration of like-minded people. Although it is nice to create art on your own and it is also


You Can Dance if You Want To

By Rachel Birdsell All those many years ago when I was in high school I never went to a prom, or any other dance for that matter. Christian schools didn’t

Advice Advice Goddess

All Doc And No Action

By Amy Alkon I’ve been going to the same primary care doctor for a few years. I’m very attracted to him, and I believe he’s attracted to me, too. There’s


We Deserve Free Media — My Parting Thought

By Terrah Baker Wow. What an exciting, eventful, stressful, enlightening last one year and nine months its been as managing editor of The Free Weekly. When I was offered the

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Gone With The Windex

By Amy Alkon I’m a woman sharing a house with several roommates. We’re all in our mid-20s. This one male roommate and I sometimes cook meals together, and we share


Fear-Based Health Care

By Terrah Baker It started with a bump on my nose. And if you’ve kept up with my columns in the last month, you’d know it ended as a diagnosis

Family Friendly

Keeping Cultural Arts Alive

Staff Report In the early 1900’s, the exact date unknown, the Muxen family traveled to Iowa through the Boston Mountains on their way to Hot Springs. Clara Muxen and her