Elegant accessories for men

Elegant accessories for men

Q. You have written in the past that the accessories a man wears make a big difference in how well-dressed he is. Are there any specific ones that have more of an impact than others? And do any make a positive statement without being expensive?

A. Elegant accessories will notch up everything else you are wearing. Choosing them carefully and generally using color well will make a huge difference and do not cost a penny. 

When putting yourself together, these will help you to be one of “the well-dressed guys in the room.” 

*  Shoes and belts should align. What looks best is to wear them in similar colors and textures, but not necessarily in the very same shade or skin.

*  Colors and patterns should be carefully and tastefully chosen, not too bold and nor too unusual. 

*  Pocket squares work nicely, whether or not you choose to wear a tie. They add a pop of color and dash to a suit, a blazer, or a sport coat. As to placement, simply lay it out unfolded, pick it up from the center, and stuff. Note: There is no good reason to spend a lot on a pocket square.  

*  Neckties are a great way for a man to express his individuality. They can be as subtle or as bold as suits your taste. A classic off-the-rack suit will instantly look more expensive when paired with an Hermes tie. (Occasionally, you will might get lucky and find one in a thrift shop.) 

*  Tie bars and clasps are accessories that are having a renaissance. Just not too wide and not too attention-grabbing.

*  Special, unique cuff links are quickly noticed. The silk-knot style is colorful, unusual, tasteful, and very inexpensive.

*  Socks matter. Most men prefer mid-calf socks. The best rule is to match the socks to the trousers, rather than to the shoes (unless the trousers are navy or tan).

*  Quality is a wise investment, especially in shoes. An expensive, but well-crafted shoe can last for years with a little care and maintenance.

*  Avoid oddball accessories, such as bolo ties, oversized bow ties, and flashy jewelry.  

*  Check yourself out objectively in a three-way mirror. You cannot correct a mistake if you don’t see it. 

Don’t overdo your use of accessories; one or two that are special are enough. Wearing too many comes across as dandy dressing, a look that no one admires . What you wear should say good things about you . . . and your judgement.

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