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8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Jan. 14 (Friday) Season Leaks — APT announces its 37th season, 7 p.m., Arkansas Public Theatre at the Victory in Rogers. $10-$20. 631-8988, __ Jan. 15 (Saturday) Meditation &


LIVE! in NWA: Historic Musical Moment Released On New CD

Musician and friend of the NWADG, Sean Harrison writes to tell us news about a 57-year-old recording: In January 1965, the five young band members who had recently barnstormed the

Male Call

Don’t overlook shoes when picking an outfit

Q. My husband does not seem to understand that wearing a pair of dress shoes with jeans and a pullover is not dressed-up for a night out and that wearing

Advice Goddess

Needy Gonzales

Needy Gonzales I’ve saved some of your columns about how women evolved to seek successful men who seem commitment-minded (more likely to stick around and provide). I’ve noticed that women

Cover Story

Tired of tradition? Try a lighter, brighter taco option with Missy Gipson

The weather has turned cold — again — but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up your home and your heart this New Year’s weekend with something completely different! Enter


‘Love Lifts Us Up’: Wes Williams makes iconic role his own in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’

Imagine a sandy-haired, sweet-faced boy, middle-school age, waiting backstage before his acting debut in the smallish city (population 20,000) of Lexington, S.C.. He auditioned only because he had a crush


Anticipation: The coming year offers plenty of promise for arts lovers

As we approach the end of 2021 with more pandemic uncertainty than ever, it can be hard to muster even a little bit of optimism for the coming new year.


‘Not Long Ago, Not Far Away’: KC exhibition goes inside walls, minds of Auschwitz

“Auschwitz did not start with gas chambers. Hatred does not happen overnight; it builds up slowly among people. It does so with words and thoughts, with small everyday acts, with

Family Friendly

Books And Beyond: FPL expands spaces for art, music, food, family, fitness

Editor’s Note: We like to look back this time every year at the stories that we think best captured the state of the arts in Northwest Arkansas and the River