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Male Call

Proper nail grooming a must

Q. Are manicures appropriate for men? My boss gets his nails done often (I think at least monthly), and I feel it gives the impression of his being overly consumed with

Risa's Astrology

Humanity as word servers & saviors

We are seeing in our world today a “withering of the law”, the old ways falling away, having completed their usefulness. As this is occurring great retrogressive forces are at

Advice Goddess

Shifty-Fifty and On Cloudy Nine

Shifty-Fifty A close friend and I spend a lot of time discussing her issues with her boyfriend. I’m always there for her, even late at night when she’s upset about

Cover Story

The Real Wild West: Foley film the definitive story of ‘Hangin’ Judge’

Filmmaker Larry Foley admits that the story of “Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin’ Judge” has largely been a regional one — until now. Now, his film by that name

In The News

Demand And Supply: Fort Smith ready for its own film festival

With the 13-year-old Fayetteville Film Fest planned for Nov. 11-13 and the Bentonville Film Festival ending its seventh anniversary today, what made Brandon Goldsmith think the River Valley needed its


‘Next To Normal’: Drama confronts mental illness

“Next to Normal,” writes New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley, “does not … qualify as your standard feel-good musical. Instead this portrait of a manic-depressive mother and the people

Family Friendly

Secchi Day Science Fair Goes Online While Sampling Done On Lake

Secchi Day WHAT — An online science fair, during which participants can view and do over 70 “exhibits” brought to you by more than 20 Secchi Day Science Fair Partners


Ready To Rock: Big shows bring big celebrations to AMP this week

The weather’s not cooling down any, but neither are the tunes at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion in Rogers. More thrilling shows continue the 2021 summer season this weekend Northwest

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Aug. 13 (Friday) Drop-In Tour — Big Picture: Art, Architecture & Nature, 11:30 a.m., Main Lobby at Crystal Bridges Museum. Free. 657-2335 or Virtual Gallery Tour — 3 in