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Wrapped In Laughter

T2’s ‘School Girls’ considers color, beauty and self LARA JO HIGHTOWER The New York Times called Jocelyn Bioh’s “School Girls; or, the African Mean Girls Play” a “gleeful African

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The Year Ahead: More Volunteers, More Visitors

Bella Vista Museum has new book out in April BECCA MARTIN-BROWN If you’ve ever used the phrase “small but mighty,” then you could have been describing the Bella Vista

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Transition From Pisces to Aquarius

Sun entered Aquarius, sign of hopes, wishes and dreams on Tuesday. Wednesday, Inauguration Day. Every four years January 20th establishes the new president. Inauguration Day this year is different than

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How About A Listen? The Wendy Love Edge Show

Did you know we have a plethora of funny, educational, captivating and insightful podcasts produced and hosted by the deep well of talent cultivated in our own Northwest Arkansas? In

Male Call

Hair today, dyed tomorrow

Q. As I reach well into my 50s the gray (ok, white) hairs are beginning to overwhelm the red. Is there a way to dye them enough to look younger

Male Call

The trends are changing, again

Q. It seems we are moving away from the narrow, tight look back toward the center? Is that correct? What are the current trends in men’s business clothing, i.e. lapel

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Arkansas Folk Art

Shiloh Saturday helps you paint like Essie Ward BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Essie Treat Ward didn’t look anything like a big city artist — and it’s likely a big city artist

Risa's Astrology

Uranus Direct – the week for history books

On January 14, Thursday, the day after the first new moon of the new year, Uranus, planet of unexpected change, and retrograde since August, 14, 2020, turns stationary direct. Uranus

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Books And Beyond

FPL expands spaces for art, music, food, family, fitness LARA JO HIGHTOWER “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a library,” wrote Argentinian author Jorge

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‘Half-Life’ Extended For TheatreSquared Docudrama

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “We are thrilled for the attention that our production of ‘The Half-Life of Marie Curie’ has received,” says Joanna Sheehan Bell, spokeswoman for Fayetteville-based professional company TheatreSquared.