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Crystal Bridges ups the wow factor in 2019

JOCELYN MURPHY It was a big year for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. For a museum that’s only 8 years old, every year might conceivably be a big

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TheatreSquared, theater patrons celebrate new space

Looking back at the year just past is a tradition — for everyone, not just the staff of What’s Up! We do it in print because so much more happens

Advice Goddess

Talons Show and Loathe Actually

Talons Show Women are so mean. I’m the new girl at work, having started my job two weeks ago. Yesterday, I had a date after work, so I wore my

Risa's Astrology

“Beginnings are Fragile Things” — New Year 2020

Here we are again at the dawn of a new year and a new decade. In our upcoming new year, we will again circle the zodiac, sign by sign. The

Male Call

Wallet vs. money clip

Q. What is the general thinking about money clips both in business and out? Do they exude class and elegance, or are they pretentious? Is a bulky wallet inappropriate in