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Advice Goddess

The Incredible Sulk and Mourning Wood

The Incredible Sulk I’m a married lesbian working on having another baby with my fab wife. My new best friend is an attractive straight girl who lives in another state.

Male Call

What to do, with the blue jacket

Q. My mother just passed to me a light blue jacket that was my father’s from about 8 years ago. Is this still appropriate to wear and is now the

Male Call

Dressing well, without the tie

Q. I am really glad that going without a tie has become so popular, especially for business. Our office is still somewhat on the formal side; we wear suits, blazers,

Family Friendly

Touring The Trails

Adventure, scenery highlights of new trails JOCELYN MURPHY Northwest Arkansas is at a tipping point, says Amber Chambers. The region stands at the precipice of becoming a new mecca

In The News

Empower, Support, Heal

Indigenous women seek own solutions BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Choctaws are matriarchal and matrilineal, and that way of living is a great example of equity,” says Sarah Adams-Cornell. “This is especially

Cover Story

Pride Fills The Streets

Participants find joy, hope in LGBTQ+ festival The crowd at the 15th annual Northwest Arkansas Pride Festival June 15 in Fayetteville — the largest LGBTQ celebration in Arkansas, according to

Making Ripples

Wind In Your Sails

Individuals find tiny ways to make energy AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Not just for off-grid houses, hand-held renewable energy generators are popular with students walking around campus, backpackers, residents in


Everything Old Is New Again

Historic building becomes gallery, debuts exhibition LYNN KUTTER This small community in western Washington County recently premiered its newest historic facility, the Museum Gallery at Historic Cane Hill, with