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Risa's Astrology

Jupiter Retrogrades, Palm Sunday and Passion Week

We have eventful and complex weeks ahead. Jupiter is stationary retrograde Wednesday. Sunday(April 14) is Palm Sunday, which begins Holy Week(also called Passion Week). All leading up to Good Friday(&

Advice Goddess

Android Rage and Taking Care of Buzzness

There’s Something About Marriott I’m a married lesbian. Yesterday on the phone, my wife invited her sister to spend the night (in our small one-bedroom apartment) without asking me. When


Better World Starts With Art

Artists collaborate to bring sustainability message to Terra Studios BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Often, when we think about the problems facing the world, they seem insurmountable,” muses Val Gonzalez, executive director

Male Call

Blazers vs. Suits

Q. Can I wear blazers with trousers of the same color (when they are not suits)? I have two black blazers, one new and fashionably cut and one somewhat older