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Resurrecting History

State park restoring Prairie Grove Battle diorama By Lynn Kutter Special to The Free Weekly Bart Taylor, park interpreter for Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, was a boy when he

Male Call

Swim trunks for the businessman

Q. I have an upcoming sales meeting at a resort that has a swimming pool. What do guys wear with a swimsuit these days? A. More important than what to

Cover Story

Did My Heart Love ‘Til Now?

Shakespeare falls in love on UAFS stage BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “This is not life, Will. It is a stolen season.” It’s a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl,


Happily Ever After?

FSLT cast looking for love in hilarious places BECCA MARTIN-BROWN It’s moments before her wedding, and Francie has barricaded herself inside the church nursery, convinced that she’s destined for


Four Minutes, Four Questions: Victor & Penny

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Victor and Penny are neither characters nor alter-egos for Jeff Freling and Erin McGrane. Rather, Victor & Penny is the name of the band the two formed

Advice Goddess

No Girls Aloud and What’s Not To Lick?

No Girls Aloud I’m a female comic, so being smart and funny and having a strong personality is basically my job, as well as who I am. A friend had

Making Ripples

Birds Of A Feather

Always something new to see in nature AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples We’re lucky to live at a time when people can still encounter and explore the natural world. Even a

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Feb. 15 (Friday) “Oz: The REAL Story” — The beloved story is told from Toto’s perspective in this humorous play presented by the Young Actors Guild, 6, 7 & 8

In The News

Art And Religion

Art project provides insight at Fayetteville High DAVE PEROZEK A high school art project helped students gain a new perspective by connecting them with people of the Islamic faith.