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Breaking The Cycle: Thrift Store’s Profits Go To Domestic Abuse Victims

Almost daily, victims of domestic violence and abuse make use of the open door policy of The Purple Ribbon Thrift Store in Fayetteville.

Making Ripples

Eco-Friendly Hobbit Hole Houses

Fans of Tolkien have probably dreamed of living inside a hobbit hole in the Shire.


Marvel’s Civil War Defies Formula

Civil War proves that giant ensemble superhero pieces aren’t just a one-off like Avengers, that you can have your heroes fight without setting it in the grimmest setting imaginable.


Review: A Sailor’s Guide to Earth by Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson has ventured into new territory with his newest album.

Advice Advice Goddess

The Bleh Lagoon

Surely, you wouldn’t find the bunny-hugging vegan “shallow” for not being up for the long haul with the guy who electrocutes the cows.

In The News

New Conference For Artists And Creatives Launches In Fayetteville

The NWA Creative Arts Network will soon host a regional conference for creatives.

Cover Story

“Hounds Around Town” Introduced At Fayetteville Animal Shelter

Fayetteville Animal Services has launched an exciting new program to help shelter dogs.


Changing the Conversation About “The Woman Card”

The “woman card.” It’s so much nonsense.


Foam Fest Set For Saturday in Downtown Fayetteville

One of Fayetteville’s finest beer festivals is slated to return this weekend to the downtown square.

Making Ripples

Unexpected Native Wildlife

We have natives that evolved to live in our home ecosystems despite appearing foreign or ancient.