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An Open Letter To [The Majority Of] Modern Politicians

I’ve got a major bone to pick with the way this country is operated.

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Mourning Breath

You’ve got a bad case of the “coulda shouldas,” which, in psychology, is called “counterfactual thinking,” as in thinking “counter” to the actual “facts” of what happened.


The Free Weekly Wins Awards

The Free Weekly earned two first-place awards for large weeklies during the Arkansas Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

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KUAF Summer Jazz Series Kicks Off

It’s been said rock musicians play three notes to 3 million people while jazz musicians play 3 million notes to three people. The Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society works to even the playing field.


The Word as Art: Writing Workshop with Robert Jackson Bennett

Robert Jackson Bennett imagines. In fact, his imagination has resulted in five novels with the sixth releasing in 2016.

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Let Isolation Be the Rule

The entire week builds toward Wednesday’s (July 15) new moon of Cancer (23.14 degrees). Mercury has entered Cancer.

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The Weekly Lowdown: Hot Dogs, Hot Cars

The Fayetteville City Council voted 6-1 Tuesday to make it illegal in Fayetteville to leave an animal inside a car when the outdoor temperature exceeds 70 degrees and the car temperature exceeds 100 degrees, even if the windows are cracked.

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How to Weather the New Weather

If you were Mary Poppins, an unusual wind blowing in from the east simply means you might open your magical umbrella and drift away gracefully to someplace else.

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Fayetteville's The Nines Turns 2

There’s an inherent sense of cool, romance and class to The Nines.

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Requiem For A Scream

There are a number of reasons women fake orgasms, like that the guy is taking FOREVER.