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Transcendence & the Three Levels of Pisces

By Risa D’Angeles Sunday is the Full moon Pisces Solar Festival (26 degrees) and Purim, the Jewish Festival of Queen Esther who saved the temple in Persia and her people.


No Gay, Jose

By Rachel Birdsell Illustrious Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, came to her senses last month and vetoed the bill that would essentially allow business owners to discriminate against gay people


Commissioned Work From Local Artists

By Terrah Baker NWA has many talented artists. Because of this, each week holds multiple exhibitions, galleries and opening receptions where art lovers can catch a glimpse, and even buy

Cover Story

Record-High Poll Numbers Confirm America is Ready

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows a record-high 59 percent of Americans support marriage for same-sex couples, with only 34 percent opposed. The deep support reaches into every region


Celebrate Rhyme and Verse with Poetry Month Fayetteville

Fayetteville will be officially celebrating National Poetry Month for the first time this April with poetry events for all ages, thanks to a joint effort from the Fayetteville Public Library,

Family Friendly

Fayetteville Community Radio — A Venue for Voices and Volunteers

So what would inspire a diverse group of people to join each other in the very ambitious goal of establishing a Community Radio Station? What is it about the prospect

Making Ripples

Spring Salads

By Amanda Bancroft Eating local foods in the springtime, as with any season, depends not only on what can be grown in our local region but also on the weather

Advice Advice Goddess

Fool Disclosure

By Amy Alkon On a business trip, I drank WAY too much with some work friends and ended up kissing a random girl I met at a bar, despite my


The Nicotine Addiction Trap

By Terrah Baker Maybe you missed it, or it’s been longer than two seconds and you have forgotten, but now that you’ve gotten here, take a minute to look at

In The News

Income Inequality Grows in Arkansas

By Terrah Baker A new report published by the Economic Policy Institute finds that all 50 states have experienced widening income inequality in recent decades. This, following a report released