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Mercury & Saturn Enter Scorpio

Esoteric Astrology as news for week October 11-17, 2012 The planet of communication (Mercury) and the planet of structure and discipline (Saturn) entered Scorpio, sign of Discipleship and the Nine

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House of Blurbs

20 Years: A Kathy Thompson Project Local artist Kathy Thompson has become known for her mixed-media boxes that arrange treasured artifacts into dynamic and resonant compositions. Walton Arts Center commissioned

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Hell In A Hen Basket

By Amy Alkon Seven months ago, when I met my boyfriend, I had no idea he had so many female friends. I’m 26; he’s 30. I understand having opposite-sex friends

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Movies In The Obscure

Machine Gun Preacher…The Reasonable Rebel By Claire Ala A heroin drug addict turned vigilante preacher lends a helping hand to orphans in Africa in “Machine Gun Preacher.” The film is

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Making Ripples

How to Create a Backyard B&B for Wildlife By Amanda Bancroft I wish I had wings! No expensive tickets, no long lines at an airport, just puffy mashed-potato-shaped clouds and

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Jupiter in Gemini Retrograde

Esoteric Astrology as news for week October 4 – 10, 201212 Thursday, St. Francis of Assisi feast day, Jupiter (the planet at the heart of the Aquarian Age) turns stationary

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Sustainable Urban Farm Park … And Pesto

By Terrah Baker Tri Cycle Farm looks very different from when it first began a year ago this month. With the support of volunteers throughout the community, it’s been taken

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Infinity Braid Made Easy

From Mayapple Salon and Boutique’s own Roxie Hunt, here is an Infinity Braid tutorial featuring Brooke Boatright. For more inspired DIY hair tutorials and hair knowledge, check out Step

Cover Story

Emerging Designers Of Northwest Arkansas

Last year’s NWA Fashion Week highlighted emerging designers and artists in the local area — a mission of local nonprofit group Artamiss. Take a look at these lines from established

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Scold Mountain

The guy I’ve sorta been seeing travels around making videos for an extreme sports company but lives two hours away in the mountains. We met through a mutual friend, went