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Going Rogue

If you haven’t noticed already, Rogue Pizza Co. is making a major push to be a big player in the live music scene on Dickson Street.

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Willamette Valley

Some of the world’s greatest wine regions are right here in the United States, particularly along the west coast. For pinot noir grapes, many believe the very best is Oregon’s Willamette Valley.


Go Without It

The success of an Adam Sandler movie now depends on the zaniness of the script and the energy of the movie is dependant on Sandler’s co-stars. All of this has culminated in the low-water mark of the Sandler era with “Just Go With It,” a movie that is never offensively bad, just overwhelmingly bad.


Beer Or Sticky Syrup?

If I had brewed this, I’d be embarrassed to call it a porter. A proper porter is black as a tar barrel and should have enough roasty personality to step up and demand your attention.


The Hole’s Holy Hushpuppies

This week’s review is stop No. 2 in the Quest for the Holy Catfish.


Live Music: Feb. 10 edition

Music and more for Feb. 10-16.

Family Friendly

8 Days: Feb. 10 edition

Happenings, events, opportunities and more for Feb. 10 and beyond.

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Can't Miss Music

Craving some scintillating sounds to tickle your ear holes? There’s a lot to be excited about in the diverse offerings in the area for next week and beyond.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscopes: Feb. 10-16

Love and what it means for your sign.


The Zen Of Advertising

I’m recently transitioning into the realm of sales. Being a simplistic, kind soul with a Buddistic nature, there is a natural hesitation by my humanistic mind.