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The Wrong Man & The Mysterious Woman

The plot is elementary Hitchcock as Johnny Depp plays the classic role of the Wrong Man. He is Frank Tupelo, an American math teacher on vacation in Europe. On a train to Venice he meets Angelina Jolie, herself playing the classic role of the Mysterious Woman.


'Black Swan' Lingers On Portman

“Black Swan” takes us inside the rise and fall of a timid dancer named Nina Sayers. Nina is brilliantly played by Natalie Portman who endured a year’s worth of ballet boot camp in preparation for the role.

Legacy Archive

Pacific Northwest Overview

Some of the today’s best wines are grown in America’s Pacific Northwest. Located along the 45th parallel, as are some of the world’s most famous vineyards, the many and varied microclimates make a great home for such diverse grape varieties as pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and reisling.


Thrilling 'Voyage' Better In 2D

With “Dawn Treader” the filmmakers were a little more proactive and kept the story framed to a tight little quest and this movie comes out a quite a bit lighter on its feet.


The Ultimate Holiday Menu

The first question is how many courses. Here’s a list of traditional courses, more or less in the order in which they are traditionally served.


The Cat And The Jaded Journalist

I apologize for my crusty, jaded eye rolling, and present for the public pleasure Luke, the Hogs’ No. 1 fan among cats, owned by Crysty Terminella.


¡ASK A MEXICAN!: Grounded

DEAR MEXICAN: Why can AeroMexico Airlines fly through any kind of weather conditions to get to and from the United States, but any kind of little ice sprinkle or heavy wind and domestic airlines in the U.S. cancel two days worth of flights?


Shiner 101 Does Texas Brewery Proud

Shiner 101 is a Czech-style pilsner from Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. It’s a 5.5 percent alcohol anniversary beer from Texas’ oldest microbrewery.