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Family Friendly

Charmer coming to OPWC

By Ginny Masullo TFW Contributing Writer Mike Thomas could charm an audience simply by making faces and never saying a word. When he features at the Ozark Poets and Writers

Family Friendly

Pet of the Week

Houston is a 2 to 4 year-old pitbull/lab who is friendly and gentle. He was picked up as a stray and is good on a leash and with other dogs.


What The … ?!!

I’d gotten used to automatically deleting/reporting spam e-mail based on certain obvious words or phrases. So I almost clicked “Report Spam” when I saw the words “Shit Robot.”


Win! / Fail :(

An adjustment to the city of Fayetteville’s pay parking program was immediately met with cheers and cries of “It’s a start” on Facebook and beyond.

Advice Goddess

Gaunt With The Wind

I’m 23, and my girlfriend of a couple months is 20. I’m taller than her, although I’m only 5-foot-7, and very thin (I weigh less than she does). I just have the feeling that she’s not that turned on by me.


Affleck almost makes up for 'Pearl Harbor'

“The Town” is not to be missed and is such a powerful film that it is likely to wash all of Affleck’s previous cinematic sins away. OK, so maybe not “Pearl Harbor,” but I think we can let everything else slide.

Risa's Astrology


Risa’s Astrology for Sept. 23-29


Live Music

Scott Leeper will appear Thursday, Sept. 23 at Smoke & Barrel in Fayetteville.

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

B.B. King, Eurekapalooza, Foster homes needed for Fayetteville Animal Shelter dogs

Legacy Archive


Miner Mishap Black Lager from Choc Beer Co. in Krebs, Okla., pours with a thin, tan head that recedes leaving a coating of lace that slides down the glass.