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Advice Goddess

The Dawg Whisperer

In the wake of revelations about Sandra Bullock’s cheating husband, I’m wondering about your take on why she’s with him.

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New Parking Fees, The Rubber Elephant

Additions to the city’s paid parking proposal were submitted on April 6.

Family Friendly

I Need A Home

Sweetie Pie is a two-year old female who was picked up as a stray.

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Back To Dixieland

I am a native of Fayetteville. My love of music and cornet began in the fifth grade at Leverett Elementary School.

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All About the Book, Levon Helm and More

This is a big week for bibliophiles. Four visiting authors will be in Fayetteville this week.


Buffalo River Water Levels On The Web

A new interactive Web page provides real-time information about Buffalo River flow and water levels at


Artists Sought For First Thursday

First Thursday Fayetteville is seeking artists to participate in a monthly art walk on the first Thursday of each month, April through November.

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Perpetual Werewolf

Born from the remaining members of the short-lived Man The Helm, Perpetual Werewolf (Ruben Regalado, Nicole Sexaur, Drew Beckham) have become the definitive band of the venue-shifting Fayetteville punk scene.


Godless Ads Now On Buses And Billboards

“Are you good without God? Millions are.”


New Attractions In Eureka Springs

A new tour of Eureka Springs takes the curious on a look at where the mountain village began. The Downtown Underground Tour offers tour-goers a chance to explore what lies