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Advice Goddess

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drag

I love how you write about the evolutionary psychology driving us, like your recent bit on how women across cultures prioritize money and mojo in men.

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Merlots Make Quality Comeback

Next week we’ll begin our eighth year of E Wine mini lessons. The ever-evolving world of wine has something for every interest.


Tea Leaf Green

With constant changes, innovations and an ever-disseminating revenue stream, most bands have a murky path ahead of them filled with setbacks and uncertainty as to where their career is headed. And as the path grows darker, most bands choose to hang up their instruments and move on to a different path in life.

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What A Rip

Once $35 in 2008, Razorback football tickets will be $45 for nonconference games and $55 for SEC league games this season.

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Opal Fly, her husband Foxfire and their friend Joe Credit have decided to close the doors to the Feel Good Lounge on Center Street, just off the square in Fayetteville.

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I Need A Home

Babbett is a two year-old female who was picked up as a sray on Dec. 12. She is affectionate and quiet. She needs to be in a single cat home as she does not do well with other cats.

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‘Shutter Island’ Delivers

“Shutter Island” is a better movie than you’ve heard.


Dog On The Watch

There’s a new book out “The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr” (that would be President Bill and Kenneth) that has prompted some media attention.